LATEST ACQUISITION: Two Carbone Wine Bottles, one Dimpled Quart bottle/w bakelite lid, one 1/2 Gallon Bottle, neither has labels, however, both are embossed with “A. Carbone & Co. Wine”

One can also find these bottles on the Collections Page

These bottles were generously donated by Dale Sawin.


Dale posted a photo of one of the bottles on Facebook, responding to a photo of R. Carbone’s Restaurant (now Lechuga’s,) thinking the bottle was from the R. Carbone Family. I offered to purchase the bottle, Dale said he’d donate the bottle if I would take a photo with him, I said absolutely. Dale and his two great kids met us at Lechuga’s.


Dale Sawin and William Carbone at Lechuga’s March 8, 2019, holding the bottles Dale generously donated.


Here are more photos of the bottles.


This is the half-gallon jug.


This is the “A. Carbone & Co. Wine” embossed, glass bottom of the half-gallon jug. The numbers and the symbols all tell us more about the bottle, such as the year of manufacture, where it was manufactured (specific geographical location or origin,) how it was cast, type of glass etc. Since this is a fairly rare bottle, I’ll do more research and I’ll post that information here (for anyone who might be interested.)


And here’s the quart bottle with bakelite lid (top) with photos of a similar *fully dressed bottle (below.) *This bottle has all labels, foil capsule, tax stamp etc. You can find more information and photos about these bottles by clicking the COLLECTIONS link.


’50s era Carbone Wine Quart Bottle with Muscatel label, screw-cap, foil capsule, and tax-stamp, generously donated by the lovely Bain Family of Lakewood, Colorado.


’50s era Carbone Wine Quart Bottle’s Foil Capsule and 6-Cent Revenue Liquor Stamp.

Although we can’t be certain of the date of the stamp, we know that Colorado Secretary of State, Geo. J. Baker was in office 1949-1953 so it’s most probably from around that time.

The “85” on the main label most probably refers to the price of the wine, $.85. This sounds about right.



24-oz. Carbone Wine Riesling wine bottle, dated 1934

Greg and Krissy found this 24-oz. Carbone Wine Riesling wine bottle, dated 1934, online. It’s our first 24-oz. bottle shape. I also think it’s the first Riesling bottle.

Carbone Wine 24-Oz. Riesling Bottle

Carbone Wine 24-Oz. Riesling Bottle, Dated 1934

Here’s a closer view of the Riesling label

Carbone Wine 24-Oz. Riesling Label, close up

Carbone Wine 24-Oz. Riesling Label, close up

And here are pics of the Tax Stamp and Top Label of the Riesling Bottle:

Carbone Wine 24-Oz. Riesling Bottle's tax stamp

Carbone Wine 24-Oz. Riesling Bottle’s tax stamp

Carbone Wine 24-Oz. Riesling Bottle's Top Label

Carbone Wine 24-Oz. Riesling Bottle’s Top Label