Abo’s Returns to Pearl Street by Claire Walter

Updated location – July, 2014:
Abo’s Pizza
2761 Iris Ave.
North Boulder, CO
(303) 443-1921

Our foodie friend and colleague Claire Walter shares these articles and photos from some of her favorite Italian eateries. Find more of her reviews on her website www.culinary-colorado.blogspot.com.

Abo's Pizzeria

Abo's Pizzeria
Photo Culinary Colorado

Abo’s Returns to Pearl Street: Popular pizzeria is back in downtown Boulder

Once upon a time, there was an Abo’s Pizza on Pearl Street. In the decade or so since it closed, Abo’s grew to 17 Front Range locations with well-priced, popular pizza, mainly for the take-out and delivery market. Last year owner Steve Abo decided to branch out and opened Circle on Pearl, a contemporary restaurant and lounge on West Pearl. It never gained traction or a clientèle, and he wisely chose to close it and return to his pizza roots.

Now, Abo’s is back Pearl Street, one block west of the Mall. This take-out, delivery and eat-in operation includes a bar, a holdover, no doubt, from the Circle incarnation. Some of the interesting white jigsaw puzzle-like wall treatments remain, but instead of black behind them, there are now pleasing warm tones. One wall is exposed brick. Stark lighting has bas been replaced with more even illumination. And green and white checked cloths cover the white/gray/black circle design of Circle’s tabletops.

Abo's Pizza

Abo's Pizza
Photo Culinary Colorado

Abo’s prices are always reasonable, but there are now excellent happy hour values too, daily 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. A 10-inch cheese pizza is $4 (regularly $7); house, Greek or Caesar salad or antipasto, $3 (reg $6); wings, $3 (reg $4); burger, $5 (eg $8) and house wines and well drinks, $3 (regular prices vary). With prices like that, I — as a partner in MileHighOnTheCheap.com — had to try their happy hour. My husband and I did so this evening. We shared one pizza, each had a large salad, ordered one wine and one beer, and got a bill for $18 and a bit, plus tip.

If you’re not within striking distance of the Abo’s on Pearl Street, [click here for coupons good for $2 or $3 off a pick-up or delivered pizza from other locations.] 1035 Pearl St., Boulder; 303-443-1740.

Another pizzeria is due to open in downtown sometime soon. Bop, which the sign in the window indicates will make natural, organic and therefore very Boulder pizza, is under construction at 1175 Walnut Street, most recently the site of Yaki Maki, one of several downtown sushi places, and before that PanAsia. In another downtown development, the former Spud Bros. space at 2010 10th Street us being made over into an Asian restaurant whose name I have somewhere but can’t put my hands on. I seem to recall that it has a connection with either PanAsia or Yaki Maki. If anyone can fill in the blank in my brain, please do.

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Claire Walter is a Colorado-based, award-winning travel, food and snow sports writer who has written thousands of newspaper, magazine and online articles and has authored or co-authored some 20 books.

Abo’s is a TrueItalianTable recommended, authentic Italian restaurant.


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