Carbone Wine Muscatel Bottle – Pre-Prohibition

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Carbone Wine Muscatel Bottle – Pre-Prohibition
THIS POST WAS REVISED 4/22/2017 – We’re researching some information.

Carbone Wine Muscatel Bottle – Pre-Prohibition

Krissy’s husband, Greg Nauretz, bought this bottle online several months ago. He got the bottle at the same time he acquired the California White Port Wine Bottle, bottled by A Carbone & Co. Inc. for Davis Brothers Drug Co. under their DB Hillside Brand label [See] The bottles came from Cheyenne, Wyoming. The Wyoming reference is relevant since Grandpa Carbone went to Wyoming at some point. The glass suggests that it may be *pre-prohibition. Was it bottled here or in Wyoming? We’re doing more research, any new information will be posted here.

As far as I know, this is the oldest bottle that we have. The bottle itself is brown glass; the label, I want to say, is very simply designed – much more so than our other bottles. The “shield” is different and it was placed below the “CARBONE BRAND” lettering. There are no tax stamps, just a printed phrase on the label “REFILLED FROM A TAX PAID PACKAGE.” There are no references to COLORADO WINES or BONDED WINERY NO. ONE. The only embossment in the glass, are the words “ONE QUART.”

*”Prohibition in the United States was a nationwide constitutional ban on the production, importation, transportation, and sale of alcoholic beverages that remained in place from 1920 to 1933.”

I’m researching vintage pre-prohibition wine bottles and I’ll report back here if I find anything relevant.

Carbone Wine Muscatel Bottle - Pre-Prohibition

Carbone Wine Muscatel Bottle – *Pre-Prohibition

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’50s era Carbone Wine Quart Bottle with Muscatel label, screw-cap and foil capsule generously donated by the lovely Bain Family of Lakewood, Colorado.


’50s era Carbone Wine Quart Bottle’s Foil Capsule and 6-Cent Revenue Liquor Stamp  (below.)


Although we can’t be certain of the date of the stamp, we know that Colorado Secretary of State, Geo. J. Baker was in office 1949-1953 so it’s most probably from around that time.

The “85” on the main label most probably refers to the price of the wine, $.85. This sounds about right.

Thank you Bain Family from Lakewood, CO. FYI Mr. Bain mentioned – and I hope I get this right – that his grandfather was in charge of moving the trains around The Denargo Market which was the location of  A Carbone & Co Inc.