Carbone Wine Special Reserve Tokay Bottle

Latest acquisition 2/16/2021

New old bottle found by Adrian Lockhart and Rachel Anthony under the floorboards of their Denver home. We think it’s circa 1943. They graciously donated it to the Carbone family, and we thank them for their generosity!

This is a copy of the $.06 Tax Stamp

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Carbone Wine Muscatel Bottle – Pre-Prohibition

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Carbone Wine Muscatel Bottle – Pre-Prohibition
THIS POST WAS REVISED 4/22/2017 – We’re researching some information.

Carbone Wine Muscatel Bottle – Pre-Prohibition

Krissy’s husband, Greg Nauretz, bought this bottle online several months ago. He got the bottle at the same time he acquired the California White Port Wine Bottle, bottled by A Carbone & Co. Inc. for Davis Brothers Drug Co. under their DB Hillside Brand label [See] The bottles came from Cheyenne, Wyoming. The Wyoming reference is relevant since Grandpa Carbone went to Wyoming at some point. The glass suggests that it may be *pre-prohibition. Was it bottled here or in Wyoming? We’re doing more research, any new information will be posted here.

As far as I know, this is the oldest bottle that we have. The bottle itself is brown glass; the label, I want to say, is very simply designed – much more so than our other bottles. The “shield” is different and it was placed below the “CARBONE BRAND” lettering. There are no tax stamps, just a printed phrase on the label “REFILLED FROM A TAX PAID PACKAGE.” There are no references to COLORADO WINES or BONDED WINERY NO. ONE. The only embossment in the glass, are the words “ONE QUART.”

*”Prohibition in the United States was a nationwide constitutional ban on the production, importation, transportation, and sale of alcoholic beverages that remained in place from 1920 to 1933.”

I’m researching vintage pre-prohibition wine bottles and I’ll report back here if I find anything relevant.

Carbone Wine Muscatel Bottle - Pre-Prohibition

Carbone Wine Muscatel Bottle – *Pre-Prohibition

We just added a new bottle to our collection

Latest Acquisition: (see above)

’50s era Carbone Wine Quart Bottle with Muscatel label, screw-cap and foil capsule generously donated by the lovely Bain Family of Lakewood, Colorado.


’50s era Carbone Wine Quart Bottle’s Foil Capsule and 6-Cent Revenue Liquor Stamp  (below.)


Although we can’t be certain of the date of the stamp, we know that Colorado Secretary of State, Geo. J. Baker was in office 1949-1953 so it’s most probably from around that time.

The “85” on the main label most probably refers to the price of the wine, $.85. This sounds about right.

Thank you Bain Family from Lakewood, CO. FYI Mr. Bain mentioned – and I hope I get this right – that his grandfather was in charge of moving the trains around The Denargo Market which was the location of  A Carbone & Co Inc.